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Posted By James Haywood

MaxScript Editor Autocomplete

You may or may not know about the autocomplete feature available in the MaxScript Editor (as of version 9 or so, I forget when it was changed exactly).  It's very helpful when scripting to cut down on typos and to speed things up over all (for another way to speed up script creation, check out Johan's blog post about using abbreviations).

To enable it, select "Open Global Options File" in the "Tools" menu.  Then do a search for "autocomplete" and change or insert the following lines...


You can see what each line actually does by reading the MaxScript help doc.  After you save the file, you'll see the autocomplete popup menu as you type when there is only one other word in the current script that mathces what you've typed up to that point.  Then just press Enter to fill out the rest of the word.  You can also press Ctrl-Enter at any time while you're typing to bring up a list of possible matches which you can then select from using the up/down arrow keys.

While that alone is pretty handy, wouldn't it be useful if autocomplete didn't just look for words within the current script, but was able to match against any MaxScript command too?  Well it can.  You just need to provide an api file for it to use which lists all of the commands.  Unfortunately, Autodesk doesn't provide one with Max, but I've made a script that will create one for you.

Download the script below and run it to create the api file.  It will try to save it to your Max root folder, but if you run into trouble becuase of Windows UAC settings, just modify the script to save it somewhere else, shut down Max, and then move it to the root.  Then add the following lines to the global options file...


You can actually add more than one api file, for things like custom functions and such.  Just create a text file with one word on each line, or a word/period/word combination for functions within scructs, and save it to the Max root.  Then and add the file name to the above line following a semicolon, like so...


The one problem with using an api file is that it takes precedent over the current script, so that you no longer get words from the script you're working on in the autocomplete list.  What you can do, though, is if you're beginning to type the name of a local function or something that you know already exists in the current script, press Ctrl-Enter and you'll see your local word matches.

One last thing, I'm posting the script to create the api file instead of the api file itself because different versions of Max will have different commands available.  So this lets you create a new list for every new version of Max.

Download the script here.




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